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“Job for Arabist” is the first recruitment agency in Russia, majoring in turnkey selection of specialists with knowledge of Arabic according to the specific requirements of vacant and open positions. We provide:

•  HR solutions for companies and employers,

•  Free of charge daily access to jobs and projects available for specialists with knowledge of Russian, Arabic, and English. 

Together we have created the single site for Arabists and employers interested in their services.

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Руб.89915 days
  • 1 job, posting the job text at all sites (VK, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram), the job is displayed for 15 days
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Руб.159921 days
  • 2 jobs, posting the job text at all sites (VK, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram), the jobs are displayed for 21 days
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Руб.359930 days
  • 5 jobs, status of “favorite job” for 5 jobs, posting the job text at all sites (VK, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram), the jobs are displayed for 30 days
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Testimonials & Feedback

JOB FOR ARABISTS is the best that could happen to Arabists. Every time I fix eyes, when I see a job posted by your resource in a newsfeed in social networks. Jobs are always actual, with different orientation and format (not only the translation activity, as it happens often). Due to your site I often found a project, temporary job earlier and now I found a permanent job – in the information agency. I think that JOB FOR ARABISTS is really resource number one for Arabists, having no analogues. I wish you to move in the same vein! Vyacheslav, you and your team do huge and very needed work. All Arabists are aware of your platform and use it. Thank you!

Alexandra Shirshova

I express my gratitude to Job for Arabists platform. Due to it I managed to find a permanent job of an assistant teacher in one of the country’s leading institutions of higher education — RUDN. I wish further development to this project and all the best.

Vitaly Vasilyev

I would like to say thanks to Job for Arabists project and separately to its founder Vyacheslav Yeliseyev! Due to cooperation within “Paired work with a senior translator” subproject, I managed to get invaluable experience in work on real orders with very different degree of complexity. And hurrah I was employed as a translator to Inosmi.ru (“Russia Today” foreign press division) — now I translate different interesting articles about Russia in Arabic mass media for them)

Sofya Ragozina

Translation of poems from Russian into Arabic was made very quickly and in accordance with the attention. I would like to note specifically that the Agency controls the executor’s work, and this was especially important for me, since I don’t speak Arabic and cannot assess the quality of translation by myself. It is pleasant and easy to work with you, I express my esteem.

Mikhail Yemelchenkov

An excellent idea for Arabists! We lacked such a site with offers for those, who speaks Arabic, in different segments. Both freelance and permanent jobs are gathered. Something like our personal hh, but more convenient. Pragmatic and convenient site. Sometimes there are employer’s direct contacts on the group’s social pages. I have already fulfilled one order and found a couple of offers. The organizer works closely with the applicants, responses quickly. So, that’s it. Slava, thank you, we have waited for such a uniform mechanism for a long time, it’s very cool that you have accumulated the capacities of the Arabists’ employment market) it turns out that there is a need in such specialists and it’s not small))))

Nunu Teff

I have worked in Iraq for 3 months as an Arabic interpreter for a team of Russian specialists in guarantee servicing of Mi-171 helicopters in Bagdad. Now Arabists from Russian are demanded very much for work in the Middle East countries. Due to my alma mater RUDN, I got a chance to work and to live in several counties, thus advancing my professional skills. Job for Arabists group and Job for Arabists agency team helped me to find a job in Arabic countries, giving rise to my career of an Arabic interpreter.

Kirill Moiseyev, RUDN graduate 2013.

Thanks a lot to the founders of this wonderful resource! Due to you I got not only an opportunity to work in my profession (translator), but also to have a firm pay. With the help of this resource I got a job in translation of a series of sites with Forex and Finance subject, hereby the order is big and long-term. That is why, even when searching for a permanent job, I can relax that I won’t be left without a source of income. You are organized stunningly and you are prompt, and due to you Arabists have an opportunity to find a job not only in the freelance world, but also on a permanent basis. Thank you again! I wish you success and prosperity!

Valentina Abu-Abdullah

I would like to express huge gratitude to “Job for Arabists” for an opportunity of an additional income in the sphere of translations from Arabic and into Arabic! Separate thanks for fair and always timely payment of orders! Such contacts are very important for a freelance translator!

Dinar Khayrutdinov

Hello to everybody! I would also like to say thanks to the Company! Due to them I now cooperation with a big company from the USA, translate their site. The project is long-term, и after completion of the translation there will be enough work on the site support and promotion in social networks. I would also like to mention Vyacheslav’s politeness and diplomacy. I had to come across different customers, including those, who tear translators from the position “you owe to us and say thanks that we give work to you” 🙂 Here there is a note of cooperation originally.

Victoria Dubrovskaya

It is a very useful page. Thanks for your work. I wish you success and prosperity.

Mirlan Sultanaliev

You deserve both praise and references for your work. Thanks for this. Go ahead))

Mohammed Al-Mardi

The chair of foreign languages of the philology department of RUDN referred to Job for Arabists Recruitment Agency in July 2016 with a request to select a candidate for the vacant position of a teacher of Arabic (assistant professor). The nominated candidate fully met the stated requirements. We are very content with the work of our new colleague, and continue cooperation after the probation period. Thanks a lot to Job for Arabists Recruitment Agency for the qualified assistance in selection of the employee. I will be pleased to recommend you to my colleagues

Dubinina N. V.

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