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  • Forum for Arabists:

    Forum forArabists is a platform for meeting of specialists-Arabists and all those, whoare interested in history, culture, economics, politics of each of Arabiccountries, who are ready to tell about their life in Arabic East, who look forinformation about everything, which is related to Middle East. With us MiddleEast becomes easier to understand and closer.

  • Arabist Translation Agency:

    ArabistTranslation Agency is established as a separate area in activity of Job forArabists Recruitment Agency and unites a group of specialists-Orientalists andprofessional certified translators from/into Arabic. Our main task is to becomeyour reliable guide in the world of the Arabic language. together we openmeanings, preserve knowledge, and accompany your business.

  • Job for Arabists Podcast:

    Job forArabists Podcast is an online podcast for Arabists: which speak abouteverything, which is interesting for an Arabist and Orientalist - work,education, successful Arabists, Arabic in your profession, interviews, people,knowledge.

  • Emirati word per day:

    All about Emirati dialect - one-word-per-day

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