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Services for the employers

One-time services

Here you can take a look at services at a fixed price.

Resume screening

Service on selection of the applicants’ resumes (up to 10 resumes) in accordance with the vacant position requirements (sex, age, education, position, experience, projects, etc.)

We search resumes from our database according to your requirements and present the suitable candidates, with whom the Customer can work further independently.

Cost of the service – 4,900 rubles. 

Expert review

We hold testing in writing according to your or our variant of the test assignment or interview a candidate via Skype.

As per the testing/interview results we will provide you with an expert opinion in writing on assessment of linguistic competence in Arabic.

Cost of the service – 2,000 rubles. 

Add the job to favorites

Would you like your job opportunity to be seen by more people? Add it to favorites.

Other services

Wide choice of services, which required preliminary agreement.

Selection of a specialist

Complex solution on selection of the required specialist according to the vacant position requirements: publication of the vacant position, search and selection of candidates, discussion of conditions with the customer, interviewing and testing of a specialist-Arabist for the level of proficiency in Arabic. Thus, we accompany the employment process at all stages. 

Cost of the service – 1 monthly salary in a vacant position (over 10,000 rubles)


We provide high quality and quick translation of any documents of any complexity from/into Arabic and other languages (Arabist Translation Agency) in the following spheres: society; politics; economics; finance and business; oil and gas; technical translation; legal translation; Internet and technologies; medicine and biology, etc.

Cost of the service –  from 499 rubles for 1 page (Arabist Translation Agency)

Turnkey localization

Localization is an opportunity to open new horizons for your business via creation of you site (IOS&Android application, game, software) version in Arabic or any other foreign language (Arabist Translation Agency)

Translation and adaptation of content and appearance according to the country’s cultural peculiarities

Cost of the service – from 5,000 rubles

Translation of a presentation into foreign languages

Our specialists will translate your presentation into any foreign language, taking into account the specific features of some or other language, as well as peculiarities, tasks, and objectives of your presentation, which allows not only to establish new contacts with foreign partners, but also to expand your services market.

Cost of the service -  from 2,000 rubles (Arabist Translation Agency)

Publication of your information on the billboards

Our specialists, acquainted well with the Internet-space, will place your ad on the target and specialized Arab-speaking sites with complete consideration of your requirements and criteria.

Cost of the service – from 2,000 rubles

Creation of the selling presentation for goods and services

It is not a secret that a good presentation is a major part of success. We will help you to create such a presentation for your goods and services, which will attract attention of the public and buyers. Finally, you will get a high-quality selling presentation in Russian.

If necessary, we can translate the presentation into any foreign language (see the service “Translation”)

Cost of the service – from 750 rubles / slide (Arabist Translation Agency)


Our interpreter will accompany any your event.

Cost of the service – from 3,500 rubles per hour

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