Recruitment (HR) Department

Our experts will assist you in finding a unique specialist and advise you on all related issues.  They will select specialists of various profiles and carry out the mandatory testing for work in the Middle East and Northern Africa region, which is our field of expertise.  The combined experience of our team will allow employers to complete their staff with the most necessary and competent employees.

Translation Bureau “Arabist”

Created as a separate department of the Job for Arabists recruitment agency, the bureau unites a group of orientalists and professional certified translators from/into Arabic and 50+ other foreign languages.  We are ready to become your reliable guide in such a multilingual and diverse world.  Together we can discover true meaning, preserve knowledge and support your business.

SMM Department

Still scraping the surface of ​​promoting your business through social media?

With the help of our mobile SMM team, your business will take to the virtual world like a duck to water.  Instant support of all of the company’s other services, lively communication with subscribers on online platforms, publication of news, surveys, contests, special offers and promotions give our SMM fairies true pleasure. The audience of all social networks and official sites is guaranteed to stay happy!

Department of Education

The team of our professional tutors will help you decide on language courses, tell you how to most effectively pump your Arabic language and learn a new dialect, conduct testing and language examination.  We constantly cooperate with RUDN University

Online Store

Here, our experienced specialists will lead you into the wonderful world of books: various genres, educational literature, children’s fairytales and useful stories for teenagers in Arabic.  They offer computer keyboard stickers for computer keyboards for students and magazines for those who are interested in the life of the Middle East region in the “here and now” format.  They will make sure to treat you with discounts, special offers and promotions on the least expected occasions.  And they will tell you which book will be the best gift for an Arabist!