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Recruitment Agency № 1 for Arabists

The search for a job, or the perfect candidate for a job, is a true challenge. Our unique resume database includes Arabists from various fields who live in Russia and CIS countries, as well as in Arab countries.

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Focus on complex solutions

Thanks to the expanded cooperation between the Russian Federation and the countries of the Middle East and North Africa in various sectors of the economy, the demand for specialists with knowledge of Arabic is growing every year.

We help graduates of experienced and specialized universities and Arabists (aged 18 to 65) to meet their employer, and companies to hire the most professional employees.

Workshop: tutorials

Expanding professional competencies is an important advantage in the modern business world.
A special Arabic language training program for employees promotes the success of companies in the Middle East and North Africa.

Employer strategy

We offer services for the selection of professionals with knowledge of Arabic (and other foreign languages) according to specific requirements for various vacancies for companies and agencies interested in a quick and high-quality solution to personnel matters.

Workshop: translations, expertise, testing

Our own Translation Bureau “Arabist” not only translates from/into 45+ foreign languages, but also provides for interviewing and testing potential employees, accompanying the employment process.

Jobseeker strategy

We offer full assistance to Arabists of various profiles in providing them with direct access to current vacancies in order to profitably and successfully apply their professional skills in the field of Arabic, Russian, and other languages.