Job for Arabists and RUDN University are launching two new in-person training programs

The enrollment for the first of a kind training programs — Arabic simultaneous interpreters and Arabic-speaking export specialists — has been announced

Moscow. February 2022: Within the framework of long-term cooperation with the Russian Peoples’ Friendship University (RUDN University), Job for Arabists has announced the start of enrollment of two new courses, the first among Russian universities, to train Arabic-speaking export experts and Arabic simultaneous interpreters.

In-person education will begin at RUDN as early as 1 March 2022. «This is a new challenge for us, to some extent, and a new requirement for modern life,» remarked Viacheslav Eliseev, founder and CEO of Job for Arabists. «An increasing number of Russian exporting companies are entering Middle East market, and employers are increasingly asking us to look for qualified young professionals in export and economic activities to promote their goods and services in the Middle East and North Africa region, and the Gulf countries in particular. The second main trend today is holding large-scale international events, both online and in-person, which require strong simultaneous interpreters with a high level of language proficiency and a full understanding of the current situation in the world and within the region. It is all the more pleasant for us to announce the agreements reached with the RUDN University management on two new full-time courses: export specialists speaking foreign languages, in partnership with the international agency ‘Business without Borders,’ and simultaneous Arabic interpreters. There are no such programs at any other Russian universities.»

It is noteworthy that the Job for Arabists Recruitment Agency has been partnering with RUDN University for the last 4 years, cooperating within the framework of an agreement signed with this institution and on learning Arabic from scratch under a special program, as well as the in-person retraining and further training of Arabic translators. Both programs, which are still in force, are State-run. In addition, cooperation with RUDN University includes Job for Arabists membership in the International Employers Club, initiated by RUDN, which promotes the employment of graduates from higher education institutions in Russia and abroad.

«The lives of most people in the world in the last couple of years have made a huge leap! And it is imperative for us today to focus Arabists on the areas of the economy where their skills are most in-demand, and if possible, to train Arabic-speaking professionals not only for linguistics but also for fast-growing industries, such as cross-cultural communication and economic development, in order to make young professionals feel confident in the labor market, both in Russia and abroad,» emphasized Kristina Abdus, Director of the Professional Development Center at the RUDN Faculty of Philology. «Therefore, it is a great honor for the RUDN Faculty of Philology to offer applicants two completely new courses at our university. We are fully aware that before us, such narrow specialists — simultaneous interpreters of Arabic and other languages, as well as experts on export and economic development with foreign languages have not yet been specifically prepared by any other higher education institutions in Russia.»

Alena Tavintseva, the head of training program for export specialists, an international expert and founder of the «Business without Borders» agency, summarizes: «Many Russian companies are now actively opening international sales departments, but recruiting specialists with a particular set of communication and linguistic skills is becoming a big problem. Companies need specialists here and now, and the supply on the labor market is limited. We know from practical experience exactly what sort of economic development specialists are needed in any given field today, so I have developed my own proprietary programs for their preparation. With great pleasure, I am passing my knowledge and experience on to the students of the new, unique, special course at RUDN. Those graduates who receive their diplomas at the end of the course will be able to immediately apply their knowledge and skills in the ever-changing international labor market.»