Job for Arabists first received the partner status «Leading MENA & GCC Facilitator» at the 10th Middle East Export Forum in Moscow

Moscow, June 25, 2021 Job for Arabists recruiting agency became a partner of the 10th international export seminar «10th AccEssMeetingEXPORT2GULF: Middle East DISTRIBUTION Trade Show» dedicated to Russian exports to the Middle East and GCC region.

This year’s event was the second of its kind in the “biography” of Job for Arabists, the first being the 6th AccEssMeeting EXPORT Workshop: Global GULF Trade, which took place at the end of June 2018 in Moscow City. We participated there as delegates, and the CEO of Job for Arabists Vyacheslav Eliseev made a presentation on the specifics of doing business in Arab countries and determining factors, business ethics, trial and error theory.

Much has changed in the world and in people’s lives since then. However, even during a pandemic, and in spite of an insidious virus and closed borders, interest in international cooperation in the field of foreign economic activity has not lost relevance, and even demonstrated steady growth. Russian companies are increasingly striving to enter the markets of the Middle East, while importers from Arab countries are looking for new trading partners and suppliers in Russia and its neighbors.

The theme of the 10th AccEssMeeting EXPORT2GULF: Middle East DISTRIBUTION Trade Show was “Exports to the Persian Gulf Countries: Omni-Channel. Online and physical distribution.» Particular attention was paid to finding partners and establishing contacts in conditions with remote access and conducting online negotiations. Here the expertise and practical experience of Job for Arabists as a leading facilitator in GCC countries was proven useful.

Most of the questions proposed for discussion by the participants were regarding the principles of effective foreign economic activity for those planning to enter the region, along with working on mistakes for companies that have already taken their niche and have started or want to start working in Middle Eastern markets. Practical lecturers representing Russian companies that have already “taken their lumps” in the Middle East, shared their experience and warned the seminar delegates against repeating their mistakes in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and others.

Vyacheslav Eliseev, founder and CEO of Job for Arabists, was one of the main speakers in the second workshop block, where companies with practical experience in Arab countries were represented. The Job for Arabists presentation was dedicated to the theme “Arab style of leading negotiation. Particulars of the mentality and specifics of building partnerships. Pragmatic Sales” attracted significant attention of the audience: consideration of practical cases, discussion about the peculiarities of building relationships with Arab partners, questions about the strategic importance of knowing the Arabic language, and the presence of a significant reserve of patience in negotiations based on long-term experience of living in the countries of the region, aroused a keen interest of the audience and a lot of questions.

The main result of the participation of Job for Arabists in the seminar was not only a practical explanation of the specifics of entering the markets of Middle Eastern countries with the need to engage their “communicator-guide” to achieve the best results, but also establishing new contacts with companies from different spheres of the economy.

“We were pleased to receive an invitation from “Strategic Links” and personally from Vyacheslav Lukian, Managing Director, to act as partners-practitioners of this seminar. Job for Arabists, the full-cycle recruitment agency, has achieved a lot over the past three years, our team has matured even more, and has multiplied its experience in supporting Russian business in the Middle East. I consider participation in this workshop dedicated to our target countries not to be only another opportunity to share with partners our practical experience and knowledge about business psychology in Arab countries and the interesting specifics of decision-making and creative requirements, but also another step forward towards promoting the services of Job for Arabists recruitment agency and Translation Bureau “Arabist” at a new level,» noted Vyacheslav Eliseev. «We are ready for such cooperation in the future and will gladly share our practical experience on the example of real mistakes and omissions that have hindered the entry of Russian companies into Arab markets. Furthermore, we will help organize and accompany business missions and negotiations, both online and directly in Arab countries.»

Based on the results of the workshop, our company received requests for translation and localization of websites into Arabic, consulting services for entering the market of the Arabian Gulf countries, the Middle East, and North Africa, recruiting specialists with knowledge of Arabic language and knowledge of related applied professions, and also for linguistic support services of business-to-business negotiations, business missions, international exhibitions, forums, and conferences.

General partner of the 10th workshop was PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines; platinum partner — Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau; strategic partners: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), ASYAD, Shangri-La hotel chain, Job for Arabists recruiting agency, and others companies supported by SIAL (Abu Dhabi) and KPMG.