The first integrated platform for Arabists* and employers: personnel and linguistic support for business with Arab countries

*Arabists — professionals in orientalism who speak Arabic as a foreign language/ or native speakers

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The first complex platform for Arabists* and employers: personnel and linguistic support for business with Arab countries

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Job for Arabists provides effective personnel actions for employers in Russia, CIS and Arabic countries: including, but not limited to professional Arabists recruitment and wide selection of services.

Cooperation with leading Russian universities allows us to constantly update our database of applicants with Arabic, Russian and English language skills.

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Integrated platform for professional recruitment and orientalists

Our target audience: 5,000+ Arabists, who are students and graduates of more than 20 specialized universities in Russia, CIS and Arab countries

Full support at all stages of selecting an Arabist for the vacancy requirements

6 platforms for the publication of job announcements from employers

Comprehensive linguistic support for business in Arab countries

Recruitment agency in Russia for the selection of Arabic specialists
professionals in our database
partner universities in Russia, CIS and Arab countries
years of work experience on the international market

About Us

Recruitment Agency

for Arabists No.1

New job search for yourselves or seeking a perfect candidate for a company is a true challenge. Our unique CVs data base includes Arabists (orientalists) from various fields in Russia, CIS and
Arab countries

What We Do

Landmark Projects 

Since the establishment of our company, we have carried out dozens of diverse projects in the sphere of HR and linguistic services under the request of large governmental organizations and private clients from Russia and Arab countries.

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Educational Services

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What We Do

Recruitment Agency «Job for Arabists»

Recruitment agency Job for Arabists – a team of professionals in more than 50 spheres (fields) (with knowledge of Arabic, English, Russian)

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What We Do

Translation Bureau «Arabist»

Services of interpretation and written translation from/into 50+ languages (including apostille, legalization and notarization), accompaniment at official events in Russia, CIS, Arab countries

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What We Do

Employers Club


Private Club for Employers: a platform for a work experience exchange with Arab countries and a showcase of candidates


What We Do

VIP 4 Arabists

VIP transportation and linguistic support service for Arab delegations in Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Online Store: Shop for Arabists

Everything what Arabists need to learn and to improve the language — in one click

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What We Do

Online University

Our online university will open soon!

We are convenient and reliable to work with

Comments and Opinions 

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​(Philological faculty of RUDN University) applied to the recruitment agency «Job for arabists» in July 2016 with a request to choose a candidate for a vacancy for a teacher of the Arabic language (assistant of the department). The proposed candidacy is fully consistent with the stated requirements. We are very pleased with the new colleague’s work, we continue cooperation after his trial period. We are grateful for the recruiting agency «Job for arabists» for the expert assistance in selecting an employee. I will recommend you to my colleagues with a great pleasure.

Dubinina N.V.

The Friendship Society with Oman, represented by the press secretary G. Leontiev, appreciates Translation bureau «Arabist» employee Monika for her work. The order was rather non-standard — meeting and accompanying a “client” (it was a large Arab Omani family) in St. Petersburg. Translator was very professional. All additional questions about their stay have been resolved in advance. The quality of tours in Arabic is high enough. The customers were delighted. We recommend!

Georgiy Leontiev

Job for Arabists is the best thing that could happen to Arabists. All the jobs are always relevant; different directions and formats (not only translation or interpreting, as it often is). Thanks to your site, I used to frequently find project and temporary work before. Now I’ve got a permanent job in a news agency. I guess at the moment Job for Arabists is really #1 platform for Arabists with no parallel. I wish you to move in the same vein! Vyacheslav, your team is doing a huge and very necessary job. All Arabists know about your platform and use it. Thanks!

Shirshova Alexandra

I express my deep gratitude to Job for Arabists platform. I managed to get a permanent job as a teaching assistant at one of the country’s leading universities — RUDN University. I wish all the best and further success to this project.

Vitaly Vasiliev

I would like to thank Job for Arabists and particularly its founder Vyacheslav Eliseev! During the cooperation in framework of the sub-project “Working in tandem with a senior translator”, I have gained an eye-opening experience working on orders of various degrees of complexity. And cheers! I’ve got a translator job in Inosmi.ru (the foreign press department of “Russia Today”), now I’m translating various exciting news about Russia in the Arab media.

Sofia Ragozina

Translation of poems from Russian into Arabic was done very quickly and in accordance with the task. I want to note particularly that the Translation Bureau exercises control over the contractor’s work. This was especially important for me, since I do not speak Arabic and can’t estimate the quality of the translation myself. It’s so nice and easy to deal with you, my respect!

Michael Emelchenkov

Great idea for the Arabists! We have long lacked such a platform with offers for professionals who speak Arabic. Both freelance and permanent vacancies can be found under one umbrella. Something like our personal HeadHunter, but even more convenient. I have already completed one order and found a couple of offers. The organizer works closely with applicants, responds quickly — that is basically what was needed. Thank you, Slava, we have been waiting for such a single mechanism for a long time, you’ve done a very nice job that accumulated the capacities of the Arabist labour market.

Nunu Teff

I have been working for 3 month in Iraq as an Arabic translator/interpreter for a team of Russian specialists in warranty service for Mi-171 helicopters in Baghdad. Job for Arabists recruitment agency and it’s group of vacancies for Arabists helped me start my interpreting career and find job in Arab countries.

Kirill Moiseev

Many thanks to creators of this wonderful resource! Thanks to you, I have got the opportunity to work in my area of expertise (translator) as well as a solid income. I was offered a project – to translate series of sites related to “Forex and Finance”, moreover, this order was large and long-term. You are amazingly organized and operational, and thanks to you, there is an opportunity for Arabists to get a job not only in freelance field, but also to find a job on an ongoing basis. Thank you again! I wish you success and prosperity!

Valentina Abu-Abdullah

I would like to express my gratitude to Job for Arabists for the possibility of regular additional earnings from written translations from/into Arabic! Particular thanks for the decent and always timely payment of orders! Such contacts are very important for a freelance translator.

Dinar Khairutdinov

Have a good day, everybody! I also want to say a big thank you to this company! With their professional help I am now collaborating with a large company from the USA. I am translating their website. This is a long-term project and after it is completed, there will still be enough work to maintain the site and promote it on social networks. I also want to note Vyacheslav’s politeness and diplomacy. I have faced different customers, some had an attitude as if translators owe them and should be grateful for getting any work in general”. Job for Arabists approach is initially focused on cooperation.

Victoria Dubrovskaya

A very useful page. Thank you for your effort. We wish you success and prosperity.

Mirlan Sultanaliev

You deserve both praise and reviews for your work. Thank you for that. Just forward))

Mohammed al-Mardi

Slava! I’d like to express my respect and admiration for the channel about the dialect on Telegram. You fill us with energy and imagination!

Sergey Stroinov

Hello! Job well done! I follow your telegram channel about the emirate dialect. To my mind, it looks very entertaining and tasteful!

Konstantin Reshukhin

First of all, Job for Arabists turned out to be easy to communicate with. I was impressed that everyone in this team, from junior to senior specialists, work the same way, in the same coordinate system, with common alive approach, in a friendly and easy manner. We had an effective communication. We have to pay tribute to Job for Arabists bureau specialists, who have determined exactly what we need and what kind of specialist we are looking for.

Alisher KhodjaevCEO, BERGLAND INVEST S.A. Manufacture and Export of Vegetable Oil


Excellent team of translators. It was very pleasant to cooperate with them. The prices are appropriate, and the translation of the actual material is quiet fast. The personnel is responsive, their answers are polite and clear. It will give me great pleasure to cooperate with them in the future.

Maria SablinaOLEA Camping

Back in the day Vyacheslav helped us a lot when we were trying to develop Middle East market. No doubt any project backed by him and his team will succeed! Good luck!

Galina Ruban




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