The BEST projects 2020 of Translation Bureau “Arabist”

The BEST projects 2020 of Translation Bureau “Arabist”

In 2020, Translation Bureau “Arabist” carried out a huge number of interesting and varied translations and interpretations that are important not only for companies, but also for the whole ethnic groups.

Here are just some of great achievements of TB «Arabist»:

  1. The tender was won and the state contract of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for translation from/into more than 10 foreign languages ​​was successfully completed.
  2. The “Project of the Year” was successfully fulfilled: content of “VKontakte” social network was translated into Khakass language within the framework of the state contract of the Ministry of National and Territorial Policy of the Republic of Khakassia. Link to the article Post link
  3. Translation into Arabic of the 1-st magazine issue and website content for «Aquamarine» company.
  4. Urgent simultaneous translation provided: 19 hours of video content for the Baltic Fire Forum 2020 Post link
  5. Translation of questionnaires for refugees into 6 foreign languages ​​was carried out upon the request of the Migration and Ethnicity Research Group. Post link
  6. An educational webinar «The statuses of individual entrepreneurs and self-employed” on tax optimization was held for freelance specialists. Post link
  7. The first walk-in interviews took place in Cairo. Link to article
  8. A traditional business breakfast for Arabists was held in Cairo.
  9. Translation of electrical engineering software into Arabic was completed.
  10. Manuals for TRIBE scooters were translated into Kazakh and the company’s website into Kazakh and English.
  11. The translation of Japanese anime into Russian has been completed.
  12. The translation of the book «Shugaley» into Arabic and Turkish was carried out in a short time.
  13. We already have a lot of plans for the upcoming year 2021, and with pleasure we will continue sharing with you the latest news and useful information related to a variety of issues: from employment in Arab countries and learning the Arabic language to book novelties, reviews of bright events and new projects.

Stay tuned! And may 2021 bring you joy and success in all your endeavors!

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