Moscow — Dubai, UAE: Over Dubai, all the world’s flags will fly. Dubai is often called the “new Babylon.” Many people from countries all over the world already live and work here, and the long-awaited World Exhibition will add the same number of guests or even more to the city’s existing population of more than 2.5 million.

 There are only a few days until the start of EXPO 2020 in Dubai, which was postponed to October 2021 due to the pandemic. The exhibition themes are known, national pavilions have been built, and participants from across the world are preparing for the grand opening. But who will greet this vibrant and linguistically diverse crowd of EXPO guests arriving from various countries to the United Arab Emirates? Who can help them find a common language?

The “Job for Arabists” full-service recruitment agency has offices in Moscow, Dubai, and Cairo. It is prepared to welcome guests to the UAE and offer participating companies recruitment services at the World Exhibition booths, along with qualified interpreters who speak a wide variety of languages. Linguistic support may be provided for official delegations, presentations, events, negotiations, and unofficial meetings throughout the entire period of EXPO 2020: October 1, 2021 to April 1, 2022.

Some might say that in Dubai, where one of the languages of official communication is English, it is unlikely that Arabic will also be necessary to establish long-term ties and build partnerships during the World Expo. «The Arabic language will be needed more than ever! Here we’ll be relying on our many years of experience in many Arab countries, including the UAE,» says Vyacheslav Eliseev, founder and CEO of Job for Arabists recruiting agency. «Demonstrating to Arab partners your intention to communicate with them and negotiate in their native language will only emphasize your seriousness and professionalism. In the Arab world, it is extremely important to maintain a business relationship based on mutual trust. In this aspect, language plays not only an important role, but sometimes a fundamental one. Don’t neglect the opportunity to adequately present yourself and your business to potential partners in the Middle East. We will be happy to aid you in this.»

«We started preparing in advance for EXPO 2020 in Dubai, and now we can confidently offer the services of our professional translators and interpreters in more than 100 languages to all interested participating companies from every corner of the world,» says Anastasia Ivanova, Head of Translation bureau “Arabist”, subsidiary of Job for Arabists. «In the time leading up to and even during the exhibition in Dubai, we are ready to translate and localize the websites and mobile applications of companies into Arabic, so that even the smallest nuances of the activities of international participants are clear to their Arab hosts. And vice versa, to translate all the materials of participants from the UAE and neighboring countries into various foreign languages, as well as offering the services of our team of professional interpreters to facilitate communication and achieve mutual understanding throughout the exhibition.»

“Naturally, the World Expo is both a challenge and a great joy for local and international companies! Indeed, for six months it will be possible to demonstrate all of one’s best developments, products, and services to everyone at once in one place,» emphasizes Elena Olkhovskaya, Executive Director of Job for Arabists. «For us, EXPO-2020 is also a kind of challenge and a unique platform where Arabists can demonstrate all their professional knowledge and experience so that mutual understanding is maintained between the owners of the exhibition, its participants, and its guests, thereby leading to the further development of the international business environment and friendly relations.»

We’ll be waiting for you in Dubai! Focus on your business, and leave the tasks of interpretation, translation, and necessary recruitment to us! – “Job for Arabists” Recruiting agency and Translation bureau “Arabist”.