UAE University is preparing to receive 3,500 new students for the new ‎academic year 2021-2022‎

Al-Ain, 8 August 2021: The United Arab Emirates University has completed special preparations to receive ‎its 3,500 new students for the new academic year 2021/2022, in compliance with ‎safe procedures, preparing a special “hybrid” orientation program that will be ‎conducted for five days in August‏.

Prof. Aisha Salem Al Dhaheri, the Associate Provost for Student Affairs, said that ‎the student is the center of the educational process. This requires providing all ‎requirements with the beginning of a new stage to continue their education, ‎which is completely different from the previous stage of the education. The ‎university administration has taken all necessary procedures to receive new ‎students in accordance with the procedures applied to confront the Covid-19 ‎pandemic, and to ensure the safety and health of students and continuation of ‎the educational process in accordance with academic standards that guarantee a ‎safe university environment‏.‏

She pointed out that a comprehensive «hybrid» plan has been prepared to receive ‎the new students who have completed all registration procedures, 3,500 students ‎in all academic programs offered by the university, considering all aspects ‎and requirements. She added, «The program includes sessions and lectures on ‎academic life at the university, including steps for academic success, academic ‎guidance, preparation of the study plan, registering courses, choosing majors, ‎introducing the UAE culture to international students, student services and ‎student support centers, hybrid education and technical support‏.»‏

The program also includes a review of the activities related to student life on the ‎university campus, which will last for three days, and one day to present the ‎housing services for students, which will be conducted from the first to the ‎fourth day‏.‏

It is worth noting that due to the current circumstances related to the Corona ‎pandemic, the university has provided all security and safety requirements in all ‎university facilities so that students who have conditional admission during this ‎program are received to submit entrance exams at the University College inside ‎the university campus from the first day until the fifth day‏.‏

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